Message from the Meihodo committee

The Fifth Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival
The Committee of Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival is proud to host the Fifth Annual Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival (MIYVMF). Carrying on with our goal to promote efforts in conservation of traditional culture and support young visual artists all over the world!
With a grand prize of $10,000 USD, this year we will be giving out a total $37,000 USD worth of cash prizes and awards to the top contenders. In addition to the cash prizes given out to our finalists, top prize winners will be eligible to receive funding from the Meihodo Visual Media Foundation to produce a film project receiving up to $100,000 USD in technical support and funding, with opportunities to work with Academy award-winning producers and world-renowned figures within the film industry. Submissions are free of charge!
Top contenders will also have the option to showcase their films on our channel “Meihodo Corridor” an online viewing gallery that will be established on our main website, showcasing our top contending films to a broader audience among which are investors and industry figures within the Meihodo Network from across the globe including Academy Award winners who are seeking partnerships on upcoming projects. Besides providing investment opportunities, the Meihodo Corridor also serves to connect curated filmmakers from across the globe to provide technical support and networking opportunities.
Being the first film festival to incorporate the use of crypto technology, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs will remain a key component in this year’s MIYVMF. Trophies and Certificates will be minted as individual NFTs and presented to their respective winners, besides cash transfers, the option of cryptocurrency transfer will be available as well. We will also be providing the complimentary service of minting the winning film’s posters and stills into NFTs for our top contenders.
Returning to in-person viewing event!
For this year we will be returning to an in-person viewing event, which will be hosted at the Meihodo cultural center in Aso, Kumamoto, Japan. The screening admission is free of charge, and all participants of this festival and curious cinephiles are more than welcome to take part in the viewing event