Erhching Liu

Entertainer originally from Taiwan. Erhching Liu made his debut with Mickey Huang, Shauching Sung, and Hsuehliang Pu as a member of an entertainment group. He acted the butler in the drama“ 流星花园 (Meteor Garden)”produced by Taiwan’s CTS in 2001. In 1999, after becoming the disciple of Zhaonan Wu, the prominent Taiwanese xiangsheng (cross talk)comedian, who was also the direct disciple of the master Baolin Hou, he started his career as a performer of variety shows. He currently serves as the head of “上海呉兆南漫 才戯芸社 (Shanghai Wu Zhaonan Xiangsheng Comedy). He strives to “have a wonderful life and act perfectly.” Today, he is engaged in multiple activities including xiangsheng, acting, talk show host and active as a singer. Main works of his performance include video hosting service iQiyi’s popular idol drama“月下:為愛墜落的他(MoonlightRomance)”,8 famous idols’ drama “痞子英雄(Black & White)”“回撃(Fight Back)”, DaAi TV drama “邱素吟的故事(Story of Qiu Su-zhen ) ”, “大 愛学校 (Da Ai School)” and a movie “幻影(The Apparition)”. Crosstalk works are “両岸笑星 会 - 相声一家親 (Cross-Straits Comedy Troupe-Funny Family)” and “師出呉門(Teacher in Gomon)”. He also appeared in advertisements for “金果干(Dried Peach)” and “SUPREAM”.