Ryuji Enokida

Chairman of Council of Visual Media Information, a Certified NPO Juridical Person, Beijing Film Academy Visiting Professor, Akita University Graduate School of Engineering Science Faculty of Engineering Science Part-time Lecturer. Since his 20s Enokida has been focusing on the concept of “kata” or standard form of a movement that lies under Japanese traditional culture. He studied functions of kata that capable of refining human senses in effective manner. When he became the visiting professor of Beijing Film Academy, he applied kata for cinema studies and systemized it as the method to develop cognitive ability® especially for secondary and high school students. The method of media called “ Jyo-Ha-Kyu(序破急®)”, is an one application developed by the kata theory that has been used for at least 2000 image works produced and directed by him.
Besides his involvement of film-making, he has been putting his effort for helping reconstruction of Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto Earthquake while maintaining an active career as musician and media producer.