Weiran Li

Director, screenwriter and producer in China.
Graduated from the Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy. In 2000, his UNICEF advertisement “Other People's Children” allowed him the success of being the first Chinese to win the “One Show” award, the highest honor equivalent to the “Oscar” in the advertising industry. In 2004, another one of his advertisements “Anytime” won the Gold Award and Grand Award at the 11th China Advertising Festival and the 4A Gold Award of Hong Kong. In 2015, he directed the fantasy film “Recounting of Immortals,” which was based on the Chinese magic novel “The Legend of Deification. In 2007, he shot the advertisement “Balabala,” which won the Gold Award in the 14th China Advertising Festival and the Silver Award at the UK Advertising Festival. His career as a film director began in 2010 when he directed his first film, “Welcome to Shama Town,” for which he was nominated for the “Best New Director Award” at the 47th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. In 2012, the short film “Because of Love the Moon” won the Golden Circle Award for Best Drama. In 2013, he was the director and producer of the romantic drama “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. In 2016, he shot the short film “17 Brings Music Home.” His latest film “The Yinyang Master,” starring Kun Chen and Xun Zhou, will be released in early 2021.