Bin Liu

President of China TV Co., Ltd., Director of CCTV Tokyo Office. Bin Liu served as the director of media center TV department from January 1994 to 2014. He worked as the production manager and general director of CCTV’s documentary“1937南京記憶(Nanjing Memory)”, and he won the China’s Best Documentary Award in 2014. In 2015 he served as producer of Japanese crew to make another documentary “ 東方主戦場 (Great Eastern Battle Field)” that received the 五个一工程賞 (Best Works Award). He assumed a role of general director for “ 雪線軍魂 (Snow Line Army
Spirit)”, CCTV’s documentary series, “唯一~日本中小企業黙示録 (Only- Japanese SEMs Apocalypse)”, a joint Chinese-Japanese documentary series and Tokuunsha world tour 2017& 2018 in Tokyo.