Li Sun

Sun Li graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1999, and studied film production design. He is now known as one of the best film production designers in China.

After joining the film industry, he worked with a lot of renown directors. In 2011,he worked with director Peter Ho-Sun Chan for making “武侠 (Wu Xia)” which won two major prizes, the Golden Horse Best Art Design and Asian Film Grand Prix
Best Art Direction. His representative works include“非誠勿擾 1 (If You Are The One)”, “中国合伙人 (American Dream In China)” and “1942”.
In 2018, he worked again with director Peter Chan as the co-producer of “中国女排 (China Women's Volleyball)”, “独自・上場 (My life)” and director Yojiro Takita’s film “聞煙(Silence of Smoke)”. He is also known as the producer of popular drama “ 九州缥缈録 (Novoland: Eagle Flag)”.