Xu Jing, a famous crossover calligrapher, special guest at the theme visual media exhibition

Ms. Xu Jing

On October 21, 2020, Ms. Xu Jing, a famous crossover calligrapher in China, was invited to be the special guest of the theme visual media exhibition of the Third MEIHODO InternationalYouth Visual Media Festival “We are in this together-unforgettable moments in 2020”.
Xu Jing's inscription for the theme VisualMedia Exhibition

As a special guest of “We are in this together-unforgettable momentsin 2020”, Xu Jing also wrote the title of “共同渡过(We are in this together)”. The four powerful words represent the spirit and core idea ofthe exhibition to work together with all mankind to tide over this special timewith strong determination.

Xu Jing inwriting

Xu Jing,graduating from the School of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of the Arts with amaster's degree in calligraphy, is now a full-time calligrapher of Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy.

She has held calligraphy exhibitions in the United States, Germany, France, South Korea andTaiwan, and worked crossover with different artists.In Paris Fashion Week, KARL LAGERFELD collaborated with her to create a white shirt with the theme of “Breathing”.This is the first time for KARL LAGERFELD to cooperate with a Chinese artist,which is regarded as one of the most amazing works by the brand.

Xu Jing'scalligraphy in the movie “Shadow” and “Swordsmen”

As a well-known crossover calligrapher, Xu Jing’sworks often show up in film and television works. She has cooperated withfamous international directors and dance artists such as Zhang Yimou, Kar-waiWong, Peter Chan, Yang Liping. Her unique calligraphy has been adopted by many films like “Happy Times”, “Shadow”, “Hero”, “Swordsmen”, “The Grandmaster”, “Out in the Silence”, “the Rite of Spring”, “EternalLove” and documentary films “Into Tibet”and “The Extreme Road” and so on.

The title of the documentary “Into Tibet” by Xu Jing in 2013

The title of dancer Yang Liping's film “The Rite of Spring” by Xu Jing

Xu Jing, who created the calligraphy art of “wine calligraphy”, pays attention to the role of calligraphy in modern society. In her cooperation withmany artists, filmmakers and creative people, she has pushed calligraphy to anew height in the crossover creative field. In the film and television art creation, she has given a very special temperament to the visual performance of various types of works, unrestrained or flying, or tender like water.

The character “剑(sword)” is Xu Jing in the stillphoto of Zhang Yimou's film “Hero”,

Xu Jing's works in the film and television indus